We inspire smiles and gratitude through our flowers



La Ceja, Antioquia
Mobile: (57) 313 746 8698
US Direct Line: (1) (305) 707 9719
Local Phone – Fax: (604) 473 6897

Established since 2010

Fresh and vibrant flowers for every special occasion.

Elevate your senses with our exquisite variety of flowers.

Express emotions with the natural beauty of our flowers.

about us

Who We Are

We are a company composed of a group of farms located in the beautiful mountains of Eastern Antioquia, Colombia and we serve markets worldwide.
Since our creation in 2010, we have added experience to the previous years of experience we have had in the floriculture sector.
We have learned and understood the importance of the requirements of each of our customers and markets, which has allowed us to advance and improve day after day. We understand that each day is different from the previous one and that our customers need us to be adjusted to this constant evolution.


From Agri Rainbow we have the opportunity to offer our fresh and freshly cut products throughout the year; both our beautiful hydrangeas in its Classic, Superior and Novelty categories, and other species of flowers and foliage that we offer from our associated suppliers, meet the standardization, quality and freshness that our different markets require.
We have the possibility to offer all our products in consumer bunches, simple bouquets, solid boxes, as well as combos, according to each customer’s request.

Our Crops

Our crops in Oriente Antioqueño are a hub of excellence in floral production. Situated in a picturesque setting, we specialize in cultivating and exporting the highest quality hydrangeas. With impeccable quality standards and an unwavering commitment to freshness, we meet the demands of global markets and serve as a benchmark for quality in the flower industry.


Our knowledge acquired in production and exports, allows us to offer with quality our different products: Hydrangeas (white, native blue, shocking blue, aqua blue, lime green, sisa green and variegated emerald, lilac, purple, seasonal painted hydrangeas), Aster Solidago, Spider Chrysanthemum, Israeli Ruscus, Liriope, Leather Leaf, Cocculus, and others.

Classic Hydrangea

The lasting beauty: classic hydrangea forever.

Superior Hydrangea

A touch of distinction and elegance that transcends time.

Novelty Hydrangea

Where creativity blooms. A unique blend of colors, redefining floral elegance.

Other varieties

Add a distinctive touch to your arrangements with our exclusive flowers.

Foliage / Fillers

Elevate your arrangements with an array of natural greens and captivating textures.


Bouquets that paint smiles on every special occasion.

We inspire smiles and gratitude through our flowers

We are a company with high sense of social and en vironmental awareness. We are returning part of what we have received from the nature. Our conviction is the preservation of the environment and therefore we implement practices that are more environmentally friendly. Agri Rainbow also promotes welfare of our employees, their families and surrounding communities.